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18th-Mar-2027 05:08 pm(no subject)
no need to get rowdy

14th-Sep-2009 08:06 am(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
 my first college live journal post and all i want to talk about is last night. david and i had this big tell-all, air out any old baggage so we can stop talking about the past, type nights. because he kind of has a tendency to mention his old girlfriends and whatnot a fair bit and its not that bad, its not like i'm hearing tons of stuff i don't want to know or anything, but last night at first, instead of telling him to sotp, i decided hey, let's just talk about mike until he thinks gosh i wish hayley would stop talking about her ex-boyfriends, maybe i should stop talking about my exes". it was working, i found, when i told him that was what i was doing. but then anyway, i just suggested, that for that night, anything about our past was fair game. anything one of us wanted to get out there, anything we wanted to ask the other about. we got a lot of stuff out there are really opened up and it was so great. because earlier in our relationship, he had said somethign that made me worry that he might not be able to open up like that. and then there was some great phyical chemistry going on too. like, we had done some stuff and it had been good like usual, but then acombination of the opening up and reading some stuff on cosmopolitan.com together helped just push it completely over the top. for him at least. i mean, i really enjoyed it and could tell it was way more intense than usual but he after the fact he mentioned how in the past he would distract himself and put up a mental block as a self defense mechanism, and that he completely put that down that time and oh my god i could tell. like - this is definitely entering tmi zone - when he mutters/whispers stuff while we're doing whatever we're doing, it really turns me on. like, my arm gets tired pretty easily when i'm giving him a handjob, but when he says stuff like "oh god don't stop. that's perfect, don't stop", well, it really makes me not want to stop. and this was the first time he was saying A LOT of that stuf while we were just humping/i was furiously grinding on him. then after the fact he said he HAD to say that stuff to keep his head from blowing off. and now i have to finish changing my sheets because tehy are ridiculously stanky.
13th-Aug-2009 10:26 am(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
 Summer was amazing. I had a great fun night yesterday with a ton of friends, we all went out to dinner and ahh it was just so fun and nice. As for Mike, things were great there but now it's time to start moving on. Granted, the other day I wanted nothing of the sort (I texted him - "Am I allowed to miss you, or am I supposed to start with that 'moving on' thing?") but after the closure of last night, I realize there's no point in excessively hanging on to that. Yes, what little time we had together was fantastic and of course I miss him, but I don't know what it would be like if we hung out like, over winter break and I was still clinging on to this romantic idea. Sure, I'm sure if we did, once I saw him, a lot would come rushing back, but until then? I'm not trying to replace him, but we've both got separate lives now and I wouldn't want being stuck on him to get in the way of anything new, and also wouldn't want to be holding on past when he does and then end up so depressed if I find out there's a new lady in his life. I had already been worrying about "What if he stops missing me when I still miss him? Is he already over it? (Not yet, as his reply to my text was "Miss you too :)" and yes I know we use smiley faces way too much when  we talk to each other). 

Anyway, I'm packing up for the big move now. I leave for Auburn on Friday, move-in Saturday, and classes start Monday. It's all just happening so fast! I wish classes started just one week later so I could have done the move in date the week before classes and then had some time to adjust once I got up there. Oh well.

But back to the summer - I made Mike a mix which I never had the chance to give to him, so I set up a little web page with a download link and "liner notes" (track list and lyric excerpts). He said he was enjoying it very much, but I don't know - can a Wilco/Arcade Fire/Spoon/Rolling Stones/Beach Boys-loving guy ever really musically mesh a Say Anything/Kevin Devine/Brand New/Motion City Soundtrack/all things Nate Ruess-worshipping girl? I think he might have just been saying that. He said he hates Jason Mraz (but all he's ever heard is what's on the radio aka "I'm Yours" over and over and over) so I had to put some of that on there (I refrained from the Fall Out Boy because I don't think that's an artist you can sway someone on) - he has no idea what he's talking about ;) 

So anyway - the most bipolar mix ever. I didn't realize how evenly I split the it's been great/this is depressing until just now when I counted - seven of each!

11th-Jul-2009 07:41 pm(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
ok so i feel fine now. last night was just lame because the party was lame. mike non-appearance is not being taken personally.  there are numerous indicators that something good and most importantly mutual is going on between us. and because of this, i imagine it was highly unlikely something happened in that small window of time that would make him choose not to go to the party because he knew i'd be there/. on the flip side, it could be said you'd expect him to put an extra effort into going because he knew i'd be there, but hey, stuff happens. its a nonissue. according to sydney, once at the dance when we hugged there was some sort of violent hip thrust she observed but when she showed me what she saw, i had no recollection of such a thing. and heather thinks it's a good sign that miguel called him four times to try and get in touch with him during the party last night to get him to come. dancing to songs other than stairway. and after the latter, "i love dancing with you". sat together during the slideshow again. then we stood together in the circle until someone called him away to ask him something and his spot got swiped by a bunch of B5ers. but then he came back and squeezed in next to me, even when i pointed out he'd be going in the yellow group circle in the middle anyway. and then the B5ers went into the last yea camper circle and i ended up next to miguel who has been very helpful with the mike thing. they're in B4 together and sydney was telling me how the other night in the resource room, miguel was saying how he wished i'd come to the staff parties oh and mike really wishes i would too. when we were getting into the circle the other night, mike asked me what i was doing that night and it didn't occur to me until later that it could have been a lead into a possible hangout if i had realized it and replied accordingly.

anyway. something goods happening and even if it stays the way it is its still a nice little thing even if it doesn't get physical.
4th-Jul-2009 11:50 am(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
 thirteen hours of sleep. still feel like i need more. i was up until one the night before on cabin duty and then got up at 6 because i told brett i would wake up the female campers who wanted to go on the sunrise hike "if no one else would do it". well, um, no one else wanted to. which also meant no one wanted to wake up just to go on the hike meaning 70 kids + 2 counselors and a CIT. which is most definitely not ratio, and thus we couldn't even hike to pebble, we just walked to the swim beach. 

this week felt pretty short i think. got back to camp sunday evening, worked on the paddle, went to the luau which was fun of course. had first off again this week (which i've officially decided sucks), second period batik (in which i made the sweetest weezer shirt), third and fifth arts and crafts, and fourth sailing. i know arts and crafts is my thing and its not one of those classes just anyone can teach, but honestly, two periods a week for three weeks in a row and i'm already burning out on it because kids want to do the same thing every day. this next session they'll be little again so i might just not let them choose what they want to do and just say "today we're doing this". 

sailing was nice. first water class of the summer and it gets rained out the first day. of course. so the next two days were basically chill with adara in the lake while the kids sail, and then some g2 girls asked me to sail with them on thursday which was nice. i had one of those "strawberry moments" where everything just felt so unbelievably perfect. 

felt like i didn't see much of mike this week. or maybe i just never recognized him because he SHAVED HIS HEAD. and beard. except for a rat tail and his 'stache. it was a little sad but he's still cute. you know, for a guy who looked like trailer trash. 

yesterday a group of us went to blue highway pizza after camp and it was fun but reinforced how handicapped i am in an unstructured social environment. brett always points out how quiet i am in the car with him and mike but mike wasn't even there on the way to micanopy and i was still quiet which of course brett felt the need to point out. as he did when we were at the restaurant. and then i get totally put on the spot and weird stuff comes up and yesterday at one point i was like, crying and i'm not sure how much of it was from laughter and how much was from being seriously uncomfortable. then mike switched into brett's car since he was going to hang out with him and miles before the "staff meeting." which had the theme this week of "anything but clothes". so even if i wasn't uncomfortable enough going to a drinking party, that compounds with it. lots of people asked why i didn't want to go or tried to convince me to do so and i told them it was because of the drinking (entirely true) but then its also like, if i can barely function with seven other people getting pizza, or during a car ride with two or three, how am i supposed to get along at some crazy party, a scenario i've never experienced  AT ALL before? if i was willing to drink, that might help (as suggested by others, of course this thought didn't even occur to me) but i don't really feel like compromising my opinions on underage drinking/drinking with the intent of getting drunk will do any good. 

lets just say i'm reading lots of wikihow articles in this category:

its just so weird because i'm pretty normal at camp, completely capable of being loud and outgoing and starting a conversation with pretty much anyone. but even with the same people, once we leave camp? i don't even understand the problem myself.

11th-Apr-2009 07:50 pm - bwats
in the morning and amazing
on the dancefloor
in the backseat
in the park:
     under a tree
     in a tree
     in a gazebo
     on top of a picnic table
     leaning in a big sign frame with no sign

to do:
spiderman style
in a tube-y slide
on a swing

systematically destroying the innocence of the neighborhood park. also, spring break visit to auburnCollapse )
the beauty in every inch
I can only imagine this will be a fairly long really fucking long entry summing up every detail about prom.

...that space where you fell from, and I haven't sewn up since Collapse )

And for those of you who don't want to read all of that (everyone, right?), I had a great time and I have a great boyfriend who I don't want to have to leave in a few months. The end.
19th-Mar-2009 08:32 pm - sonnet fever
in the morning and amazing

so we had to write a sonnet for my english class and i started this one and got about half way through and though, what the fuck this is way too personal, i can't turn this in, especially can't read it aloud (for which we get extra credit for and for which i would be expected to do since i'm pretty much teacher's pet in that class) 

so i'll put it here so it doesn't go unread

lalalalalaCollapse )
in the morning and amazing
 busy day today. i was super tired last night so i went to bed at 7 and then woke up at like 5:30 this morning. heather picked me, laura and janet up for the godspell breakfast fundraiser around 7:30. then we ate cold pancakes and NOTBACON at applebees and was not sung to except by victoria (which we much appreciated). and then denis showed up and it was awkward. but before that perea was talking about frying pancakes in manatee blubber and it was gross but hilarious. and then janet bitched him out a little. i'm not sure why i hate to say it, but i think he's hilarious. i think its because he knows he's funny and i don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing i think so also. and because i did not appreciate his jokes when he made them in the middle of my TOK presentation. ANYWAY i'm glad i don't hate allll of hunter's friends. sean jones even let me eat his pretzels at lunch the other day when i was starving. and then i found out he is completely unaware of the cultural impact of blink-182 and i wanted to slap him upside his head. or at least i told him the collective absolutepunk community would. 

two weeks to prom! wow. the last few months have been going scary fast. like, i've been dating hunter three months. what. oh yeah, so today was busy. after denis came and sat with us and made it awkward (we're surprised he didn't make janet move so he could sit by heather), we went gardening at the atrium, which is an old person place. it was nice, i wouldn't say fun, but there were some good moments. i might go again next month. maybe make hunter come with haha. 

and thennnn after that we went back to eastside to help out with the mu alpha theta comp. which meant tearing down some signs and then hiding in the tech lab for an hour and a half or so. then walking arund like heyy we've been working! and then laying down in the grass in the front of the school and then going to the awards ceremony. which included janet reading names and me going up to get a stats team trophy for whoever wasn't there. and then going up there with michael cho to get the sweepstakes trophy. 

"you're not even in mu alpha theta!"
"yes i am! i paid my dues, i'm in the club, i went to a competition!"
"which one, buchholz?"
"no, the very first one. i've been to more than heather!"
"you didn't even compete today!"

new philosophy: i'm a senior, i do whatever the fuck i want, haha.

musings on what will happen with my relationship in the coming monthsCollapse )

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