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And the sweat just makes my shirt stick to that scratch across my ribs... 
27th-Mar-2009 08:39 am
the beauty in every inch
I can only imagine this will be a fairly long really fucking long entry summing up every detail about prom.

So I arrived at Victoria's around 6:15 to ensure arriving before the boys because that would have been slightly awkward. As would the parents meeting Hunter things because, as Jenny put it, " "You treat them like Asian parents!" AKA not telling them I've been dating him for 3+ months. Like I'd have been ok with it actually, my parents meeting Hunter, as long as he didn't do anything that would make my parents go "Woah, what?", like kiss me. Anyway, it wasn't an issue because my dad just dropped me off. Sidenote: I just looked at my pictures from last night and, just like last year, I look like such a trashy ho in all the post-brutal-dancing pics when my hair is all undone and my dress straps always seem to be sliding off. And I's sad there are no good pictures of me and Hunter together. The posed couply ones aren't too bad except his eyes get really squinty when he smiles which, in real life is adorable, in pictures just makes him look like a creeper. Sad.

Anyway, the boys came over, I stubbornly insisted upon attempted to pin my home-made boutonniere onto Hunter despite it's impossibility. I was very proud of myself for making it though, I think it looked really nice. And it only cost a few dollars, really only like $2 if you consider just how much floral tape and ribbon I used and not the fact I had to buy whole rolls of it. And three of us split the cost of a half dozen yellow roses so that worked nicely too. Anyway, flowers, posed pictures, then off to dinner. We were quite the spectacle when we arrived at the Bistro in our prom garb. For those of you who don't live in Gainesville (so everyone except Victoria), the Bistro is this semi-casual little restaurant - I'd never been there before but I'm really glad we went because the food is kinda fancy or at least super delicious and presented super beautifully. But people don't really seems to dress up too much to go there. At least not the dude we were debating if they were on a man-date or a date-date. My favorite part about the Bistro though is the fact it's attached to Leonardo's - which is one of our town's quintessential "It's a X-ville" type things. But because of that, at both Leonardo's and the Bistro, you can see back into the kitchen and everyone who works there looks like they're about to go to an Against Me! show right after work. Love it.

I ordered the pasta roma - pasta, spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and parmesan. Soooper good and usually i can't stand tomatoes. I'm not sure if Hunter just isn't really an adventurous eater, as my grandmother would put it, (though I'm not really either) or if he was trying to impress me, but he ordered the sirloin which was like, the most expensive thing on the menu. Viki had something like, the seared tuna? And Sean had grilled salmon. I like how they both got seafood. And then neither of the boys ate their vegetables haha. If I had been hungrier, omg Hunter's mashed potatoes and asparagus looked soooo good and so did Sean's carrots, I couldn't believe they didn't eat them. I felt like I was in a V8 commercial and someone was going to come bop them on the heads. So we hung around there for a while, dilly-dallying, because no one wants to get to prom too early, ourselves included. But the waiter was really gracious about it.

Soo then we headed off to prom. And Hunter and I kind of made out in the back of Sean's car. Which I still find kind of hilarious. SORRY VICTORIA. I tried to keep each little bout short to minimize the chance of you turning around and being like OMG NASTY STOP IT. And like, when you guys were talking about Firefly, I was thinking, oh we should stop because Hunter likes that show and I wonder if Sean would find it weird if he didn't chime in with something to say about it. So yeah. For my first time ever making out with a guy, I can't really say if it was good or not. Well, I mean, I enjoyed it, but it was Hunter, so of course I did. And now for something I found myself doing plenty often during dinner and in the car. "THIS IS AWKWARD SO LETS HAVE A SUBJECT CHANGE."

Got to prom and everyone looked sooooo pretty. Like, there wasn't a single person who I could call any sort of fashion disaster. Everyone's dresses, hair, makeup - flawless. God, we're all so hot. And like, almost every picture I took of someone, sans myself, came out looking sooo pretty as well. Even my arch-nemesis James had this stunning silver paisley vest. Would have looked hotter on Hunter though, just like he looked the best in that funny polka-dotted-but-not-quite vest he had that I saw at least two other guys in.

Soo we danced all night. A few weeks ago I found myself thinking, oh, what if I want to dance with other guys? I hope Hunter wouldn't mind. Um, not a problem. Because I could hardly tear myself away from him. I kind of danced with Frank for a little while because Mahina was completely ABANDONING him and I felt terrible. Like, when I saw her, the first thing she said to me was "come dance with me so I don't have to dance with Frank!" It was so sad. I mean, he's kind of awkward but really not that bad. zzt but I danced with my friends too and in groups and all and grinded on Sydney Moore (what fun) among other female peoples. AWKWARD AND GROSS TMI COMING UP AHEAD SO FEEL FREE TO SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH NOW because I know none of my friends are going to want to hear this and I don't particularly want to talk to them about it but there was one point when I was dancing with Hunter and we were pretty close and then I had one of those HOLY FUCK IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS moments when I realized I could totally feel his dick through his pants and then I was just thinking OMG WHAT THIS IS SO WEIRD UHG WHAT AHHHHH for a while but then I got used to it. We never really talked at all while we were dancing except at that point when I asked him what he was thinking to see if he was thinking (this would be in all caps if I didn't want to avoid drawing the attention of those skipping this part) omg you can totally feel my dick can't you sorry sorry sorry. but of course he just said "you".

THE DECORATIONS WERE NICE! Like surprisingly so. The theme was "Hollywood Premiere" so there was a red carpet leading up to the entrance and slihoutte cut outs of paparazzi (but everyone calls them photogs noe, right?) and big letters spelling out HOLLYWOOD against one wall like the big sign out in Cali. I'm going to guess a lot of people didn't notice that though. And there were balloons of course, and cardboard cutouts of various movie stars/characters. If I'm lucky, I'm going to get a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen on Monday. Chyeah. Hunter wanted it too though, at one point (BOYFRIEND STOP BEING SO GAY) and I was like, I'll fight you for it.

So after prom we went to steak and shake and then Heather and I realized that if we went to Kyah's afterwards as planned, we wouldn't have a ride home unless we slept over, which neither of us had even posed to our parents as a possibility, so we figured it'd be better if we just took a ride home now with Daniel and Janet who I no longer think are the weirdest couple ever. Blaise and Cindy have actually taken that title, Janet and Daniel are now just another terribly cute couple. Daniel just found out he has Type 1 diabetes and Janet is being so sweet (no pun intended, that would be horrible) about it for him, making him diabetic-friendly cupcakes, asking about his blood sugar in that caring without being overbearing and nagging way. Anyway, it was a fun ride home like when Daniel was going like, 70 down Archer road into Haile. AndJanet was daring him to go 110 and Heather and I are like, NO THANK YOU. Not fun, however, was when Heather was like, What the fuck Hayley, when you were dancing with Hunter there was one point when his hands were totally on your ass!!! Because while we were dancing the whole night, my mind floated back and forth between things like "Don't be kissing him for too long, remember, people are all over the place and can see you" and things like "There are so many people here, no one will notice what we're doing". Though a lot of the time I also found myself thinking, "This isn't fair that I can't have this forever".

A few weeks ago I remember debating whether Hunter and I would be over before or after the summer. I knew I wouldn't be going off to college with him as my boyfriend, but the summer was debatable. I wouldn't be seeing him a lot but i knew it'd be nice to have an open ear for those days that totally stressed me out and I needed someone outside of the camp world to talk to. And now I'm just so upset that I won't have more time with him. That I found him so late. Why couldn't I have met him sooner? I mean, I guess it wouldn't be the same at all if we had started dating, say, when I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. We would be completely different people. He wouldn't have been broken by Katrina and I wouldn't have been broken by... lots of people. It wouldn't have been the same at all if we had met before this year. But I'm so sad I'm not going to be able to be with him longer. It feels stupid to give the defense that I love him, because I do, but that isn't going to change anything. It's just going to make it worse. I could have started crying right there in his arms on the dancefloor when I was thinking about that. Like, I had to tell myself, don't get all worked up over that NOW! Just enjoy this, this is supposed to be a happy fun night. And it was, it totally was. I'm glad I preprommed with a small group. I'm glad we went out to dinner instead of cooking it. I'm glad I danced with Hunter all night. I'm glad I totally let him put his hands on my ass (lol).

I can hardly imagine that being a better night.

And for those of you who don't want to read all of that (everyone, right?), I had a great time and I have a great boyfriend who I don't want to have to leave in a few months. The end.
29th-Mar-2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed that. And it was expected by me. Your entire prom experience was pre-written in my head. haha...so cliche.

anyways, i had a good time too.
Even tho i totally felt polar opposites from SJ as in he didn't want to dance w/ me, but then he looked all around for me and ended up backing off cuz i was dancing w/ other boyz.


I wasn't being rude to him was I?
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