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i'll be a brand new day
in a life that you hate
11th-Apr-2009 07:50 pm
in the morning and amazing
on the dancefloor
in the backseat
in the park:
     under a tree
     in a tree
     in a gazebo
     on top of a picnic table
     leaning in a big sign frame with no sign

to do:
spiderman style
in a tube-y slide
on a swing

Spring break is winding down. What have I done? Last Saturday I spent some quality time with Hunter on a picnic at the park. Apparently my skill at catching grapes in my mouth after throwing them in the air is partially due to the fact I slightly stick my tongue out when doing so, but not so much that I am at all aware of it. I also do a similar thing with my tongue when drinking out of a can of soda. What would I do without Hunter to notice these things and bring them to my attention? We pretty much spent the entire 2ish hours in the same 20 sq ft of the picnic blanket. Not complaining. 

Sunday began the voyage to Alabama. Long drive. Manageable though - it could have been shorter but my parents wanted to avoid the interstate. When we arrived, before going to our cabin at the state park, we drove around the campus a little bit and I was instantly in love. Auburn is so pretty. Gorgeous brick buildings, old and new.

Blahhh i dont want to write anymore, ill finish later 
12th-Apr-2009 05:14 am (UTC)

To add:
under the bleachers.
in the soccer goal.
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