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i'll be a brand new day
in a life that you hate
ok so i feel fine now. last night was just lame because the party was… 
11th-Jul-2009 07:41 pm
in the morning and amazing
ok so i feel fine now. last night was just lame because the party was lame. mike non-appearance is not being taken personally.  there are numerous indicators that something good and most importantly mutual is going on between us. and because of this, i imagine it was highly unlikely something happened in that small window of time that would make him choose not to go to the party because he knew i'd be there/. on the flip side, it could be said you'd expect him to put an extra effort into going because he knew i'd be there, but hey, stuff happens. its a nonissue. according to sydney, once at the dance when we hugged there was some sort of violent hip thrust she observed but when she showed me what she saw, i had no recollection of such a thing. and heather thinks it's a good sign that miguel called him four times to try and get in touch with him during the party last night to get him to come. dancing to songs other than stairway. and after the latter, "i love dancing with you". sat together during the slideshow again. then we stood together in the circle until someone called him away to ask him something and his spot got swiped by a bunch of B5ers. but then he came back and squeezed in next to me, even when i pointed out he'd be going in the yellow group circle in the middle anyway. and then the B5ers went into the last yea camper circle and i ended up next to miguel who has been very helpful with the mike thing. they're in B4 together and sydney was telling me how the other night in the resource room, miguel was saying how he wished i'd come to the staff parties oh and mike really wishes i would too. when we were getting into the circle the other night, mike asked me what i was doing that night and it didn't occur to me until later that it could have been a lead into a possible hangout if i had realized it and replied accordingly.

anyway. something goods happening and even if it stays the way it is its still a nice little thing even if it doesn't get physical.
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