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 Summer was amazing. I had a great fun night yesterday with… 
13th-Aug-2009 10:26 am
in the morning and amazing
 Summer was amazing. I had a great fun night yesterday with a ton of friends, we all went out to dinner and ahh it was just so fun and nice. As for Mike, things were great there but now it's time to start moving on. Granted, the other day I wanted nothing of the sort (I texted him - "Am I allowed to miss you, or am I supposed to start with that 'moving on' thing?") but after the closure of last night, I realize there's no point in excessively hanging on to that. Yes, what little time we had together was fantastic and of course I miss him, but I don't know what it would be like if we hung out like, over winter break and I was still clinging on to this romantic idea. Sure, I'm sure if we did, once I saw him, a lot would come rushing back, but until then? I'm not trying to replace him, but we've both got separate lives now and I wouldn't want being stuck on him to get in the way of anything new, and also wouldn't want to be holding on past when he does and then end up so depressed if I find out there's a new lady in his life. I had already been worrying about "What if he stops missing me when I still miss him? Is he already over it? (Not yet, as his reply to my text was "Miss you too :)" and yes I know we use smiley faces way too much when  we talk to each other). 

Anyway, I'm packing up for the big move now. I leave for Auburn on Friday, move-in Saturday, and classes start Monday. It's all just happening so fast! I wish classes started just one week later so I could have done the move in date the week before classes and then had some time to adjust once I got up there. Oh well.

But back to the summer - I made Mike a mix which I never had the chance to give to him, so I set up a little web page with a download link and "liner notes" (track list and lyric excerpts). He said he was enjoying it very much, but I don't know - can a Wilco/Arcade Fire/Spoon/Rolling Stones/Beach Boys-loving guy ever really musically mesh a Say Anything/Kevin Devine/Brand New/Motion City Soundtrack/all things Nate Ruess-worshipping girl? I think he might have just been saying that. He said he hates Jason Mraz (but all he's ever heard is what's on the radio aka "I'm Yours" over and over and over) so I had to put some of that on there (I refrained from the Fall Out Boy because I don't think that's an artist you can sway someone on) - he has no idea what he's talking about ;) 

So anyway - the most bipolar mix ever. I didn't realize how evenly I split the it's been great/this is depressing until just now when I counted - seven of each!

14th-Aug-2009 12:49 am (UTC)
Haha, so much fun times last night.

Heather: So...SJ's MOM was talking about you two.

Me: *cringe* O.o i have a man. I do not need Sean Jones

Homeless people are so drawn to my intense hatred of them...*sigh*

But as a plus i totally kissed leana. hahaha.
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