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 my first college live journal post and all i want to talk about… 
14th-Sep-2009 08:06 am
in the morning and amazing
 my first college live journal post and all i want to talk about is last night. david and i had this big tell-all, air out any old baggage so we can stop talking about the past, type nights. because he kind of has a tendency to mention his old girlfriends and whatnot a fair bit and its not that bad, its not like i'm hearing tons of stuff i don't want to know or anything, but last night at first, instead of telling him to sotp, i decided hey, let's just talk about mike until he thinks gosh i wish hayley would stop talking about her ex-boyfriends, maybe i should stop talking about my exes". it was working, i found, when i told him that was what i was doing. but then anyway, i just suggested, that for that night, anything about our past was fair game. anything one of us wanted to get out there, anything we wanted to ask the other about. we got a lot of stuff out there are really opened up and it was so great. because earlier in our relationship, he had said somethign that made me worry that he might not be able to open up like that. and then there was some great phyical chemistry going on too. like, we had done some stuff and it had been good like usual, but then acombination of the opening up and reading some stuff on cosmopolitan.com together helped just push it completely over the top. for him at least. i mean, i really enjoyed it and could tell it was way more intense than usual but he after the fact he mentioned how in the past he would distract himself and put up a mental block as a self defense mechanism, and that he completely put that down that time and oh my god i could tell. like - this is definitely entering tmi zone - when he mutters/whispers stuff while we're doing whatever we're doing, it really turns me on. like, my arm gets tired pretty easily when i'm giving him a handjob, but when he says stuff like "oh god don't stop. that's perfect, don't stop", well, it really makes me not want to stop. and this was the first time he was saying A LOT of that stuf while we were just humping/i was furiously grinding on him. then after the fact he said he HAD to say that stuff to keep his head from blowing off. and now i have to finish changing my sheets because tehy are ridiculously stanky.
15th-Sep-2009 04:30 am (UTC)
o god do i know about the stanky sheets. lmao

It sucks when your hand/arm gets tired. I feel your pain.
You can do what i do which is silly but gets you a little break. Go "Close your eyes, Can you feel the difference between my two hands?"
15th-Sep-2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
oh no, i change between my hands all the time, sometimes i even just stop and make out with him while i let him take over. we messed around without our underwear on last night and it was pretty comforting knowing premature ejaculation wasn't going to be an issue.
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