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12th-Feb-2009 03:44 pm(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions

Pick a band/artist: Kevin Devine

1. Are you a male or female: Marie

2. Describe yourself: People Are So Fickle

3. How do you feel about yourself: Buried By the Buzz

4. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Go Haunt Someone Else

5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: You're My Incentive

6. Describe your current location: You're Trailing Yourself

7. Describe where you want to be: Alabama Acres

8. Your best friend is: Like Cursing Kids

9. Your favorite color is: Harvest Moon

10. You know that: Tomorrow's Just Too Late

11. What’s the weather like: Country Sky Glow

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called? Guys With Record Collections

13. What is life to you: Keep Ringing Your Bell

14. What is the best advice you have to give: Write Your Story Now

15. If you could change your name what would you change it to: Protest Singer 
7th-Feb-2009 02:24 pm - if i could make you do things
in the morning and amazing
 oh hai. weeklyish update. this week went fast but I'm glad it's the weekend. probably going to go see dreamgirls tonight (school play). i tried out for an upcoming play (i figured it was my last chance to be in a high school play, something i had always kind of wanted to do, so why not), but i didn't get in. it was a little disappointing at first, but it's not really a big deal. once i realized rehearsals were every afternoon until 6 pm, i started having seconds thoughts anyway... i can hardly even commit to two clubs with after school meetings (MU ALPHA THETA ISNT THAT FUN OK?). been listening to some new albums - two tongues and the new found glory leak. the first time i listened to two tongues (on myspace) it was a little underwhelming, but it's growing on me. i can look past the blah lyrics because the chemistry between chris's and max's vocals is really nice. new found glory is good too, i've only listened to it two or three times, but it's good. i don't think it will be a new favorite album of theirs, but good nonetheless. 

i need to finish my world lit II paper. i lost the rough draft with all of mrs dunn's comments, OOPS. i know the general idea (ADD MORE) but there were specific grammatical corrections and stuff I should add/fix. oh well. i have to basically re do my history IA too. it's "weak", which isn't surprising, it wasn't really the whole inquiry thing and was basically about 3 facts repeated and reworded.

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29th-Jan-2009 06:41 pm(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
 so whenever my mom is mean to me and i end up crying and then later she finds out i was on my period at the time, she's like, oh, that's why, i'm sorry. but then she knew i was today but that didn't stop her from harassing me all afternoon! seriously, from the moment i got home, everything she said to me was pissy. grr.

still working on hunter's epic vday mix. it's almost done music wise. and i already am working on the case. because i am a dork and don't care if it's two weeks away. like his birthday mix, it will be sitting pretty and waiting for a week at least i bet. there are a few songs i'm still not sure about. like "just say yes" - punchline and maybe not "honestly". the latter could go on another mix i'm planning, the, "THESE SONGS ARE TOO MAINSTREAM TO PUT ON A MIX USUALLY" mix.

tuesday and wednesday i anxiously awaited the end of fifth period so instead of leisurely enjoying the break before sixth in the garden area by them chem room with my class mates, i could walk as quickly as possible so i could intercept hunter on his way from history to physics and then walk him the rest of the way. cause i'm a creep. but he likes it. and i think we've finally got the whole kissing thing down. we still haven't made out or anything remotely like it. but just the everyday in the hallway goodbye. no more awkward nosebumping or ahh where do my hands go? moments. yayy.
25th-Jan-2009 01:42 pm - weekend
in the morning and amazing
 went to orlando yesterday. visited ucf. i was very impressed, the campus is really attractive. if something horrible happens and i have to stay in state, i wouldn't kill myself if i went there. i will make sure they receive my transcript seeing as even though i supposedly had it sent over a month ago, it hasn't been received. wash u finally received my recc letter, hooray! now i just have to send mid year senior grades and whatnot. my mom wants me to go ahead and send in the thing accepting my scholarship from auburn but i kind of want to wait and see if i get into all my other schools, which would mean waiting until april 1st. or even later? when do you get financial aid offers? the same time? the auburn thing is due back may 1st.

also went to the millenia mall in orly. that thing is fucking huge. i was already tired, and my feet hurt so bad when we left haha. i bought a book that was 40% off because the waldenbooks was going out of business. i looked for a prom dress but didn't try anything on because i wasn't in that sort of mood. also bought some pretty bright blue shoelaces for my green converse, but they're took short. the package said that for six pairs of eyes like mine have, it would be the appropriate length, but there's barely enough room to tie. so i just pull em tight and tuck the ends in. we'll see how that goes after a full day of wear. 

hunter and i still nauseate heather with our sweetness. i am planning an epic two cd mix for him for valentines day. not like the one thomas made me, where he just had so much music he wanted me to hear that he gave me like, 50 randm songs on two cds. this will be two individual mixes with the same theme but expressed in different sounds. one is a slower more heavily acoustic one, and one is a more upbeat mix. here are the tracklistings as they are now, subject to change

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19th-Jan-2009 03:09 pm(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
sbr txt jltCollapse )
in the morning and amazing
i have new livejournal friends for the first time in forever! hello twats!
(as in twatlight, for you old friends. i'm not just being a bitch)

i tried to put in a cut but it's not working properly :(

or eskimo your nose real close to mineCollapse ) YEAH AND THATS ALL THIS FRIDAY< THE DAY I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO VISIT AUBURN BUT CAN'T NOW :(

I don't know if i mentioned this in my last post or not, but I got my official scholarship offer from auburn this week. won't be sending it in (to accpet or reject it ) for a while, until i hear from all my other schools and all, but still. oh wow, only like two weeks until i find out if i got into umiami or not. find out from UF sometime in feb too. wustl still hasn't processed my teacher eval but iwinski told me she sent it. ucf probably still hasn't gotten my transcript because someone fucked something up but i really don't want to bother sending it again. but because i'm probably going to go visit the weekend i was supposed to visit auburn, my mother won't let me forget.

p.s. my house is a toasty 62 degrees as of late. 
p.p.s. fuck you, fall out boy, for only having two florida dates and one being miami (out of the question) and the other being on a WEDNESDAY. i love you so much and this is what you do to me?! also, the plush toys are gross looking.
p.p.p.s jk i still love you all. 

oh also, i really want to go to both the upcoming new found glory tour and the alt press sponsored one with hit the lights and family force 5!!
10th-Jan-2009 08:52 am(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
I had a strange dream last night, I want to write it all out here before I forget it.

ensuing strangenessCollapse )

in the morning and amazing
first of all: the fafsa & other financial aid applications suck.

second of all: I got my official form to send in to accept or deny my Auburn scholarship (I'm not going to be sending it in until I hear from all my schools though). I'm also going to go visit later this month, the driving up on the 22nd and then they are holding an event for the "Presidential Scholars" on the 23rd. It will be the typical, forced, guided type visit but I figure, if I have to go to one like that, it might as be the one for smart kids going there for the money. we'll probably hang around on Saturday and check the campus out on our own anyway too.

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5th-Jan-2009 08:53 pm(no subject)
in the morning and amazing
 umm so i just got extra credit in all my classes for sitting in an auditorium holding hands and whatnot with my boyfriend. VERY NIICE. i also listened to a guy talk about fractals and schrödinger's cat and the fibonacci sequence and whether or not god exists and science and it was all very interesting but second in my mind, ngl.
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